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Mapping & GIS

Combining positioning, communications, and software to equip the mobile workforce. Mapping & GIS products improve productivity in hundreds of industries by geo-enabling field workforces with high accuracy, rugged, and easy-to-use products.

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Products & Services
Geo 7 Handheld Computers with GNSS

Handheld computers with integrated GNSS receiver and Windows Mobile® operating system.

PFO 304x190 Software

A range of software options that enable a seamless field-to-office workflow.

R2 Gnss Receiver GNSS Receivers

Compact and rugged GNSS sensors for the GIS professional.

sw 304x190 Reference Stations

Reliable reference stations to ensure best possible GNSS accuracy.

VRS 304x190 Positioning Services

Real-time corrections services and networks.

MappingGIS Mobile Mapping Solutions

Rapid, accurate data collection for information-rich images and 3D models.

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