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Trimble Protected Plus+Protection Plan
Protect Your Investment with the Added Value of a Trimble Protected Plus+ Program

Solutions to Protect Your Investment for Survey Type Equipment

Trimble Protected Plus+

TRIMBLE PROTECTED Plans announce the TRIMBLE PROTECTED PLUS+ plan for your Total Stations, Tablets, Levels, Radios, Handhelds, GNSS Receivers, Control Units, and Antenna Equipment.

  • Features & Benefits

  • Added Value Features

  • General Terms

Hardware (Antennas, Control Units, GNSS Receivers, Handhelds, Levels, Radios, Tablets, Total Stations)
  • Sold in one-year increments, and up to five consecutive years
  • Protection against Hardware defects
  • No Deductibles, Ever!
  • Parts & Labor reimbursement
  • Transferable ownership (Warranty follows serial number)
  • Firmware Updates

Software & Firmware (Control Units, GNSS Receivers Handhelds, Tablets, Total Stations)
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor updates, enhancements

For more information, contact your Authorized Trimble Distribution Partner.

The new, TRIMBLE PROTECTED PLUS+ plan gives you more value:

  • NEW! - Protection against failure due to Wear and Tear and Environmental damage
  • NEW! - Surge protection

Don’t forget about the Annual Inspect-Clean-Calibrate service for Total Stations!


 Trimble Protected Plus+ Features

   *plan replaces /extends today’s program and upgrades existing contracts.

For more information, contact your Authorized Trimble Distribution Partner.

General Terms

  • Wear and tear includes damage from repetitive use resulting in equipment that does not function to specification
  • Environmental damage includes dust, heat, humidity, and salt air when used in accordance with intended equipment specifications
  • Surge protection includes damage due to a surge in Trimble manufactured power supplies
  • Total Station coverage includes one Inspect-Clean-Calibrate service per year for each year of coverage purchased. To get full details, contact your local Distribution Partner.
  • Cosmetic damage that does not affect product functionality is not covered

Hardware Eligibility

"In-Coverage" pricing will be available for products within Factory or "In-Coverage" period. Products not within Factory or "In-Coverage" period will be subject to "Out-of-Coverage" pricing. "Out-of-Coverage" products will be inspected by your Distribution Partner prior to purchasing your protection plan.

For more information, contact your Authorized Trimble Distribution Partner.

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