Transforming the way the world works
Technical Support
Keeping You Productive with a Full Range of Technical Support Options

Technical Support

A Full Range of Support Options to Keep you Productive

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime in your daily operations. From free, self-paced online help from your local Trimble Distribution Partner to “need-it-now” Priority Support and additional support products which are available to purchase, Trimble offers a complete range of support options to keep you working.

Online Resources

Trimble offers free, comprehensive online support through various online sources. Online resources are constantly updated.

  • Go to where you can find product information and FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for your various products
  •  Support A-Z offers you an overview of all Trimble products and software and firmware versions. Downloads and documentation are available here

Trimble Knowledge Center 

The Knowledge Center is an online, searchable web tool to provide you quick access to product information, technical tips, workflow descriptions, videos, and more for a first self-help.

Knowledge Center


End Customer Support
If you can’t find the information you need on the Trimble website, or you require more help, please contact a local Trimble Distribution Partner. The Partners in Trimble’s worldwide network are responsible for the support of Trimble products both at time of purchase, and at any time subsequently. Click the “Contact a Distribution Partner” button below to find a local Trimble Distribution Partner.

Preferred Support
If time is crucial and your field and office workers need their technical questions answered quickly, you may wish to purchase a preferred support contract. This option gives you direct access to highly experienced Trimble support engineers. Please contact your local Partner to obtain more information on the different offerings of the Preferred Support contracts.

Contact a Distribution Partner

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