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Trimble Protected Plans
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Protecting Your Investment to Stay Productive

What A Plan Can Do for You
Your Best Action Plan is to Purchase a Trimble Protection Plan!

Trimble Protected includes Trimble Hardware, Firmware and Software Protection plans. Firmware and Software Maintenance plans provide you with extra protection for greater peace of mind for your products in Survey, SITECH & Heavy Civil Construction, Infrastructure, Geospatial, and Agriculture.

Trimble offers a standard factory warranty with all of its products. However, on job sites around the globe, business owners are increasingly more concerned with growing expenses; adding additional coverage to your equipment like any of the available Trimble Protected Plans is precisely what a business needs. These plans help you maintain fixed, yet scalable equipment maintenance & repair costs so you can stay productive; minimizing your in-the-field downtime which ultimately increases your overall efficiency.

You get many great features you are accustomed to getting in a product protection plan like protection against hardware defects, parts & labor reimbursement, firmware* updates, minor software updates and enhancements, and a transferable ownership (warranty follows serial number). Many product specific Protection Plans, like Trimble Protected Plus+ for Survey, HCC & SITECH products offer additional benefits that provide added value to enhance your use of the equipment in the field.

  • Hardware

  • Firmware

  • Office and Field Software

  • Terms & Conditions

Hardware Extended Warranty Plans

The Hardware Protection Plan extends the original factory warranty period of the product for one (1) year and protects against defects in materials and workmanship. By having a Trimble Hardware Protection plan, you can protect your investment for a total of up to five (5) years from the date of purchase. You have the option to purchase the multi-year plan at one time, or year-by-year.

This plan covers:

  • Repair costs of defective equipment, including parts and labor
  • Upgrades of firmware and application software

*on select products

To purchase a Trimble Protected Plan, contact your Authorized Trimble Distributor.


This type of Protection Plan allows you to keep all of your equipment running the most current firmware releases. This type of plan keeps your equipment performing at peak efficiency.

This plan covers:
  • Upgrades for firmware applications running on Trimble GPS/GNSS receivers
  • Firmware updates, including operating systems upgrades, that are released during the coverage period
*on select products



To purchase a Trimble Protected Plan, contact your Authorized Trimble Distributor.

Office and Field Software

This type of Protection plan supports our suite of office and field (application) software products. Having an annual Software Maintenance Agreement ensures you stay up-to-date with the newest software releases.

This plan covers:

  • Updates for Trimble office software
  • Updates for Trimble field software running on control units and handhelds
  • Software updates that are released during the coverage period
  • Email and telephone Technical Support for select programs as well as some On-site Support

To purchase a Trimble Protected Plan, contact your Authorized Trimble Distributor. 

The following Terms and Conditions apply to Trimble Protected Protection Plans. If you have specific questions about the Terms and Conditions, contact your local Authorized Trimble Distributor.

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