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Trimble Protected Solutions

Solutions to Stay Productive, Minimize Your Downtime & Increase Your Overall Efficiency

Trimble Protected

Protecting Your Investment to Stay Productive in Every Part of Your Business

Trimble Protected Solutions provide equipment protection products for ensuring day-to-day peace-of-mind in the field. The Trimble Protected Suite includes Protection Plans (Extended/Advanced/Software/Firmware Warranty & Maintenance), Tracking & Theft Deterrence & Employee Safety Products, Refurbished Equipment, Maintenance & Repair Services, Technical Support, and Training.

This portfolio allows Trimble to offer their customers best in class industry-specific, Enterprise level solutions to enhance the Trimble customer experience. In addition, these solutions help you stay productive, increase your efficiency, and minimize unnecessary downtime. 

Featured Solutions
Protection plans to cover your business.

Help control your costs, minimize your downtime, and increase your productivity.

L2P Tracking for Theft Deterrence

Asset Tracking Solutions

  • Protection Plans

  • Products

  • Service & Support

  • Training

Get enhanced, day-to-day protection that ensures your equipment is available 24/7 to stay productive, increase your efficiency and minimize downtime.

Coverage for your Total Stations, Tablets, Levels, Radios, Handhelds, GNSS Receivers, Control Units, and Antenna Equipment.

Announcing new plan coverage for Real-Time Networks & Monitoring Solutions. Includes protection against non-functioning hardware, wear and tear, environmental damage, and surge and lightning damage. Also includes firmware updates for NetR9, NetD3, NetM3!

Great new Protection Plan for your GPS/GNSS Antennas, GPS/GNSS Receivers, Control Boxes, Control Units, Lasers, Radios, Modems, Tablets, Total Stations, Machine Control Systems, DPS Systems, Control Unit Field Software, Tablet Field Software, GPS/GNSS Receiver Firmware, and Office Software

Get back up and running quickly during critical planting or harvesting times with Trimble Protected Plus+ Protection plan

Theft causes US business owners more than $1 billion each year in lost, stolen or missing equipment. What are you going to do to protect your investments?

Sometimes the smart reuse of the best product in the business makes a lot of economic sense for your business. Refurbished equipment delivers quality and value per dollar spent.

Keep peace of mind knowing that Trimble and its Partners represent the largest network of Service Repair facilities in the world.

Preferred Technical Support plans are available to customers in addition to the existing support provided by our Service Provider Partners.

Taught by Certified Trimble Trainers, traditional classroom training is offered throughout the year. You may sign up for a scheduled course, or request a custom course that fits your specific business needs.

Our web based trainings are designed to jumpstart your training, with courses that you can take from your own home. Trimble Certified Training offers introductory courses for many of our software offerings, as well as introductions to key GPS concepts.
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