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Railway Track Measurement & Construction Solutions

Efficient approaches to planning, construction, operations, maintenance, and expansion.

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Railway Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

Integrated solutions to manage lifecycle of rail assets from operation through maintenance and repair.

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Railway Planning & Analysis Solutions

Tools to gather, manage, and analyze information to make informed decisions.

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Railway Operations & Maintenance Solutions

Inspection and maintenance workflows to reduce downtime and streamline asset management.

Trimble Railway Solutions

Trimble's railway solutions combine the latest in GPS/GNSS, optical, imaging, scanning, and monitoring technologies with customized software and wireless communications enabling users to quickly and accurately capture the data needed to provide clients with actionable deliverables to maintain and construct railway infrastructure or to manage rail transport assets.

Trimble's solutions use integrated processes and workflows for complete railway infrastructure and asset lifecycle management from the infrastructure planning, design, construction, and maintenance phases, to the operation, maintenance, and repair of rail transport assets. The solutions streamline operations to keep railway projects on time and costs on target.

Featured Solutions
Rail index 1 Track Measurement & Construction

Trimble GEDO systems provide efficient tools and workflows throughout the rail measurement process.

Rail index 2 Asset Lifecycle Management

Integrated suite of solutions to manage lifecycle of rail transport assets from operation through maintenance and repair.

End-to-End Solutions
Rail index Planning & Analysis

Trimble railway planning solutions provide the tools to gather, manage, and analyze information to make informed decisions.

Rail index 4 Construction

Advanced solutions for construction and surveying, with the precision and rugged reliability railway projects require.

Rail Operations & Maintenance Operations & Maintenance

Solutions that integrate inspection and maintenance workflows reducing downtime and streamlining asset management.

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