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Trimble SNS Line Clear System

  • Advanced navigation to support the operation of line clearing equipment.
  • Clear display of project area for easy and efficient navigation
  • Integrated with office software to enable precise line clear operations 
  • Streamlined workflow increases productivity and reduces project cost

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The Trimble® SNS Line Clear™ system is an advanced navigation solution to streamline the operation of line clearing equipment. Designed to meet the specific needs of the seismic survey industry, the system improves productivity with easy, efficient, task specific navigation.

The system imports and displays line navigation routes, shape files, raster images and exclusion zones from Trimble GPSeismic® office software enabling users to quickly navigate to areas for clearance. Alarms to alert operators of exclusions zones minimize the risk of liability and navigation logs are recorded for a complete field to office workflow.

Streamline Operations with Ease
Clearing the ground in preparation for receiver instrumentation or making trails for energy source vehicles requires costly line clearing equipment, particularly where access is needed in areas with heavy brush and trees.

Inefficient navigation increases project duration and cost. The Trimble SNS Line Clear system provides a clear display of the project area for easy and efficient navigation to streamline operations—saving time and reducing costs.

Low-grade navigation systems can lead to inaccurate positioning and loss of productivity for line clearing crews. Trimble SNS Line Clear delivers high-grade positioning and intuitive navigation features to ensure operators can quickly find and clear areas accurately, keeping operational cost to

Trimble SNS Line Clear also ensures you avoid exclusion zones to reduce liability risk and eliminate potential fines for encroachment. The system displays exclusion zones imported from Trimble GPSeismic software and issues zone buffer warnings, as well as visible and audio alarms when zones are approached, to prevent operators from entering restricted areas.

Integrated for Cost Efficiency
Trimble SNS Line Clear is a complete hardware and software solution that fully integrates project data from Trimble GPSeismic software enabling precise operations to greatly improve productivity and reduce costs. The data is used with reliable hardware to provide the clarity, accuracy and connectivity you need to effectively navigate harsh, remote environments.

The Trimble TMX-2050™ display uses the Android™ operating system and Line Clear embedded software to deliver an intuitive touch-screen interface designed to meet the needs of the equipment operator.

Import Trimble GPSeismic projects into the TMX-2050 display to visualize area imagery, for line routes and exclusion zones for the navigation display. System output provides real-time and historic reporting for GNSS quality, status of clearance zones, and auditable logs of vehicle navigation, and exclusion zone violations. Data passes seamlessly to and from Trimble GPSeismic software for a complete, fully integrated workflow.

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