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LOADRITE? products can help you increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and get control of your inventory.

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Loader Scales

Trimble LOADRITE L2180 Loader Scales
The most advanced wheel loader scales.

Excavator Scales

Trimble LOADRITE X2350 Excavator Scales
Improving excavator productivity.

excavator 2650
Trimble LOADRITE X2650 Excavator Scales
Trimble LOADRITE mining excavator scales improve productivity, payload information and optimize load-out.

Conveyor Belt Scales

Conveyor Belt
Trimble LOADRITE C2880 Fixed Plant Belt Scales
Accurate conveyor belt scales with superior reporting.

Haul Truck Monitor

H2250 Haul Truck Monitor
Trimble LOADRITE H2250 Haul Truck Monitor
Near real-time reporting of haul truck production and process monitoring.

Reach Stacker Scales

Reach Stacker
Trimble LOADRITE L2180 Reach Stacker Scales
Ensure compliance to SOLAS regulations, track and improve container handling with accurate weight information.


Trimble InsightHQ Quarry Management Portal
Near real time productivity, availability and performance dashboards and reports on your web browser or mobile device.

Printer LP950
Trimble LOADRITE LP950 Printer
Total reporting solutions.
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