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Employees are Trimble's greatest asset.

In the technology space, intellectual property and know-how derived from employees fosters innovation and serves as a competitive advantage.  Trimble is committed to providing every employee with the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel in a respectful and collaborative workplace. At the heart of our culture is an entrepreneurial spirit, supported by the opportunity to experience myriad industries within one family of companies. 

We value diversity of gender, race, and nationality, knowing it drives our best thinking--and it starts at the top.  Trimble’s Board of Directors includes three women out of a total of ten members, placing us in a select group of companies with that level of female board representation.  We are focused on measuring and increasing gender balance in high impact roles such as front-line management, engineering, product management, and sales. All employees receive annual training in diversity and inclusion.

Trimble is developing a culture that is employee-centric and evidence-based.  Performance reviews include quarterly conversations based upon employee survey data that identifies issues and drive engagement and retention.  These surveys also include questions oriented around the Company’s mission and purpose, work environment, career development, and employee-manager relations.  Our company-wide recognition program--Bravo--encourages peer recognition for employees caught in the act of being Truly Trimble and demonstrating our values. 

Our training portal, Trimble Learning SPOT, provides a set of training resources that is easy to access anytime and anywhere, with a range of focus areas from new employees to existing employee development, to manager development.

We also put great value in keeping our employees healthy—physically, emotionally, financially and socially. Everyone is offered a biometric screening and receives training on Trimble’s Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) policy.


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