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Trimble Agriculture Correction Services

We continually explore ways to minimize our environmental impact through increased energy efficiency, waste reduction, and compliance with environmental policies.

Environmental stewardship is a fundamental aspect of our RCC commitment.  We are continually implementing new ways to measure and manage our environmental impact while developing new systems and practices used to capture value from our operations. 

Responsible Sourcing

We only establish relationships with third-party partners who share our commitment to conducting business fairly, legally, ethically, and transparently.  As a global company, Trimble implements and monitors policies that ensure all operations--including chain suppliers, vendors, and contract manufacturers--fully comply with local and national laws wherever we conduct business.  Our Supplier Code of Conduct, Business Ethics and Conduct Policy, and Conflict Minerals Policy set standards for our company, suppliers, and partners.  These include preventing modern slavery, human trafficking, anti-bribery misconduct, and conflict mineral sourcing. Management in our supply chain may request that new and existing suppliers perform assessments and/or audits in compliance with Trimble requirements.

Product Life Cycle

Trimble continues to expand the use of sustainable materials in our products, but we also understand that a product's life-cycle extends well beyond its delivery to our customers.  To encourage RCC beyond the point of sale, we provide Trimble customers with instructions for safe product use and disposal, including a convenient recycling program we developed to prevent products from ending up in landfills.  

In Europe, any Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) supplied to the market by Trimble Inc. partners and/or subsidiaries is recycled by Trimble Europe B.V. European Regional Fulfillment Centre (ERFC) on behalf of Trimble Distributors, conforming to the European Union’s WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC.   

Subscriptions and Endorsements 

  • Member, Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) (have adopted their code of conduct) 
  • RoHS compliant and operates in accordance with California's Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB657).  
  • A comprehensive list of Compliance Programs can be found here.  


Measuring Our Footprint

Trimble recognizes that our office facilities have an environmental impact.  Our initial priority has been to focus on collecting baseline data for energy consumption, water usage, and waste across our largest global offices, through the use of an environmental management system.  We have also engaged with a third party to conduct a sustainability assessment across our major facilities, with the objective to analyze historical data, benchmark against national standards, and create a list of goals and  improvement opportunities. ?

Case Study

Trimble's 125,000 sq. foot Westminster, CO office, completed in 2013, is LEED Certified Gold. The building incorporates features that enhance the workplace while reducing the carbon footprint of operations.

Key highlights include: 

  • Environmentally responsible building materials preserve natural resources and reduce landfill waste. 
  • The building's cool roof with light colored sidewalks reduce heat island effect.
  • Internal recycling and composting program further divert useful materials from landfill. 
  • Water conservation tactics for landscaping reduce erosion and promote water quality.  
  • Water conserving plumbing saves 40% compared to a typical building. 
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) program and green cleaning program promotes employee health. 
  • Trimble software was used to speed up the building process.
  • Outdoor bike rack and showers. 
  • Preferred parking for low emitting/fuel efficient vehicles and carpools/vanpools. 

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