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Third Party Compliance & Ethics

  • Overview

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  • Partner Training

Trimble is committed to maintaining a culture of high ethical standards and business integrity. Our culture is based on strong values that are practiced every day, in all that we do. It is Trimble’s intention to establish relationships with only third party partners who share in our commitment to conducting business fairly, legally, ethically, and transparently.

Trimble provides the content on these web pages in order to assist our third parties in their compliance efforts. Included here are the Trimble Third Party Code of Conduct and online training modules.

As part of its Third Party Due Diligence Compliance Program, Trimble conducts initial and periodic due diligence on third parties of all types. The goal of the Third Party Compliance Program is to ensure that Trimble does business with partners that operate with the highest ethical standards and that have a record of law-abiding conduct.

Trimble's Third Party Code of Conduct assists our third parties in understanding the requirements Trimble sets forth to ensure our partners operate with the highest ethical standards and business integrity.

As outlined in the Third Party Code of Conduct, we expect our third parties to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Code and to maintain policies and procedures that will enable them to prevent and detect misconduct.

The Third Party Code of Conduct, along with additional tools and resources, may also be accessed by logging in to the appropriate Partner site.

Trimble is committed to maintaining its reputation of excellence within the global community. We expect the same level of commitment from our third parties.

In order to support our third parties in this important endeavor, we have partnered with NAVEX Global to provide brief, online training modules to further deliver Trimble’s message on values, business integrity and ethical conduct.

The following training modules apply to Trimble employees as well as the employees of Trimble’s third party partners.

NAVEX Global Burst Training Modules


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