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Compliance Programs

Trimble has created this resource page with a list of links to conflict minerals resources to help you understand the regulations and reporting requirements for Conflict Minerals. Trimble is providing this information to its suppliers to help them understand Trimble’s expectations and provide links to the documents and forms.
At Trimble, we recognize the importance of minimizing the environmental impacts of our products. We endeavor to meet your needs, not only when you purchase and use our products, but also when you are ready to dispose of them. That is why Trimble is actively pursuing, and will continue to pursue, the expanded use of environmentally friendly materials in all its products...
As part of our commitment to uphold a high ethical standard, Trimble has created the Third Party Compliance & Ethics page specifically for our third party partners. Here, our third parties have access to information and resources to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable laws and Trimble’s Third Party Code of Conduct.
The Customs Modernization Act of 1993 (Mod Act) fundamentally altered the relationship between importers and the Customs Service. The Mod Act shifted the legal responsibility to the importer for declaring the value, classification and other information necessary to assess the correct duty rate applicable to entered merchandise...
We maintain a registered quality management system which is regularly audited for compliance to ISO 9001:2015 requirements.
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