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Transforming the way the world works
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Commercial Map Intelligence

Maximizing fleet efficiency with map data and map-centric technology designed for commercial vehicles.

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Truck Routing & Mileage

Trusted commercial vehicle data for single or multi-stop routing, and precise mileage and route cost calculation.

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Fleet Routing & Scheduling

Provide superior customer service and control transportation spend with an end-to-end fleet routing, scheduling, dispatch, visibility and analytics solution.

Commercial Maps & Routing

The Trimble MAPS division is a key catalyst in enabling commercial fleets to maximize their efficiency with innovative routing, scheduling, visualization and navigation solutions. Our map intelligence platform delivers data and flexible software to developers, partners and end-customers. Within the world of map-centric solutions, we are focused on serving a broad range of industries, workforces and commercial fleets of all sizes.

See below for an overview of our solutions and industries we serve.

Commercial Mapping, Routing, Navigation, and Location APIs

Use the Trimble MAPS development platform to build or enhance applications with APIs designed for commercial vehicles.
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Use trusted commercial vehicle data for single or multi-stop routing, precise mileage, route cost calculation and optimization.

Provide superior customer service and control transportation spend with an end-to-end fleet routing, scheduling, dispatch, visibility and analytics solution.

Display commercial routes, custom location data, assets, traffic, weather and more on high-quality, interactive maps.

Get voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation for commercial vehicles with stand-alone or embedded integration options.

Continuous trip monitoring and automated alerting of ETA impact of real-time conditions, like traffic and weather, as well driver intent on the road.

Impress your customers by arriving precisely on time, every time. Improve operational efficiency, first time delivery success, and driver productivity by generating optimal routes that take into account pre-defined SLAs.

Build or enhance your own map-centric solutions and applications with web and mobile Mapping, Routing, Navigation and Location APIs

From HOS planning to truck-safe navigation, we've designed driver focused solutions for professional drivers, owner operators and fleets to ensure efficiency, safety, and compliance on the road.

Analyze resource utilization, average service times, route profitability, and driver and delivery performance for process improvement and savings.

From carriers to shippers to drivers, Trimble MAPS delivers industry standard truck-specific routing, mileage, mapping and navigation that powers the entire supply chain.

Solve complex delivery logistics for retailers and wholesalers with vehicle routing and scheduling and audit transportation costs and performance with strategic analyst tools.

With our integrated mobile navigation, route optimization and back office map visualization, companies have a set of tools to maintain an edge in this highly competitive industry.

Provide superior customer service with real-time driver connectivity and route visibility for home delivery logistics.

Designed to support the unique needs of commercial vehicle routing, our solutions can be used in a wide range of industries such as Construction, Utilities, Food & Beverage Distribution, Agriculture, and more.

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